Powerful Feature, Stable, User-friendly & Affordable price
is a full featured point of sale application that runs on an iPad.

It is a standalone, user-friendly and customizable application without the need for a server or back-end maintenance. Built for restaurants, cafes, kiosks and etc to increase the productivity. It’s a powerful P.O.S system for a smart business.

  • Genius POS require only printer, drawer, wireless router and iPad. Less hardware less problem.
  • Work standalone without internet connection. Stability of iOS and iPadmakes easy to upgrade and update

User Friendly
  • Incredible user friendly interface and easy to operate.
  • Just a few step to in creating table layout, insert new category, item and modifier.

  • Genius iPad POS is the most affordable POS system in short term and long term.
  • Enjoy the POS functions at cash register price.
  • No monthly charges, invest one time ONLY and enjoy free update.

Powerful Feature
  • Reward and Royalty
  • Membership
  • Clock in/ clock out
  • More >> Features

Who is using and what people saying about Genius POS?


This POS system is so user friendly,I take an hourly and it’s more than.Enough to handle the system


I love the interface, it’s easy to operate and beautiful interface and important is easy to learn and configure.


Genius Pos is very stable, I never call for support since I install the system.Very nice app and look beautiful.


I used other pos system before,After I change to Genius Pos,The system so powerful and stable.

System Features

Point of Sales
  • Taking orders with modifier.
  • Discount on bill or item by price/percentage.
  • Split bills by percentage, pax or item.
  • Merge bill or table.
  • Item search.
  • Multiple terminal synchronization.

Table Layout
  • Manage mutliple floorplan or layout.
  • Create table with different sizes and shapes.
  • Double tap & start ordering.
  • Your Layout you design

In App Reports (Busineess in your fingertips)
  • X Reading Report
  • Category Sales
  • Hourly Sales
  • Transaction Listing
  • Inventory Report
  • Employee Performance
  • Shift Report
  • Email report in excel/pdf format.

  • Configure up to 10 printers.
  • Setup rounding type, operation hours.
  • Manage multiple level users account.
  • Customize up to 5 taxes and 10
  • payment types.
  • Pay In /Pay Out.
  • Import Item using CSV File.
  • Setup item/modifier is easier as ABC
  • Logo on receipt.
  • Multiple terminal/ordering setup

  • Understand your regular customer
  • Customer information
  • Customer total spending
  • Reward Balance
  • Award Credit Balance

Mobile Terminal

Equip your servers with mobile terminal, enable them to take order efficiently. Reduce time-consuming process of handwriting an order and rekeying them at ordering terminal. With mobile terminal, orders can be taken and sent to the kitchen immediately, increasing the speed of your service.

Mobile terminal constantly retrieve information from primary screen. With a "mini POS" in their pocket, server could reduce their dependency on the primary screen. Let alone the cashier to focus on handling payments.

Mobile terminal works on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Other Features P.O.S.

  • Clock in//clock out
  • Mobile ordering for ipad/iphone/ipod
  • Reward and royalty
  • Training mode
  • Delivery management
  • Customer management
  • Auto Pop up modifier(less ice, less sugar, extra cheese with price and etc)
  • Automatically backup to dropbox
  • Restaurant setup for rounding, operation hour and etc
  • Customer management

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