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Website Cloning Services

The world of innovations continues to propel web technologies at an amazing pace. To keep up with that pace, you can always rely on us, as Maple Software Creation is your ultimate destination for ready-made and custom website development solutions.

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What is Website Cloning?

Website cloning refers to getting inspired from a successful website idea and ‘copying‘ that concept to create a new ‘website clone’ that not only has majority of the same features that the reference site had, but adds new unique features of its own.

Website clone scripts of popular websites allow aspirant entrepreneurs to create and start their website venture without the need to develop it from scratch.

Advantages of Website Cloning

  • A quality and scalable website clone script allows you to quickly launch your website thus saving you development time.
  • A clone script costs much less compared to a web development from scratch.
  • Quality website clone scripts are more than just a ‘copy’ of the reference site; they are more like a replica of attributes with added new features, different functionality and UI/UX, which adds significant value to the niche requirements of users and making the scripts more beneficial and useful.
  • Eliminates the need for you to do business planning, market research and strategy implementation for UID (User Interface Design).
  • A cost effective way to ‘beta test’ your strategy in order to enter into a particular online market with your website.

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Script Cloning

By copying an existing script, a developer can make appropriate modifications for functionality on a new website. Scripts run behind the scenes on the Internet and control the functionality of what Internet users see. Scripts control website navigation, product order and checkout functionality and search features, among other functions.

Advantages :

  • Reduces your development time.
  • You needn't be proficient in programming languages to use scripts. They are ready-made, built with cutting-edge technologies.
  • By using website scripts, you can jump-start your business easily and gain a competitive advantage.

Design Cloning

By making a copy of a Web page, a designer can modify the layout and create a new website. Designers can replace information and graphics from the existing site with new content. While the web page has the same appearance as the original, the content and branding materials are changed.

Advantages :

  • Customisable and scalable
  • Quick and easy launch
  • Cost effective
  • High chances of success
  • Less effort

Website copying services