Industry 4.0 Internet of Things (IoT) Project

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IOT and Industry 4.0

IoT and Industry 4.0

  • Development web application for data collection, data analysis from existing Machine, Smart Devices to be display and easier understand by human being.
  • User able to monitor anytime, anywhere as long as with internet connection.
  • Customize preventive maintenance protocol with end customer for critical system

Project 2019

Our surrounding environment is made capable of automatically communicating with each other without any inter-human or human-to-machine interaction. Apart from the fact that it is a path-breaking discovery, it can also prove to be extremely beneficial in facilitating our lives to manifolds.

Project Reference:

Communicate with Scada system, Smart devices, Automation machine to implement the IOT concept for industry.

Middleware for link with smart devices to collect large amount of data, monitoring and performing predictive analytics.

Project 2019
Project 2019

Project 2019

Enterprise Software development is an essential feature of running a business. It guarantees an increase in productivity and efficiency with minimal effort.

The business processes are never static, they change from time to time. As the market dynamics change, it becomes necessary to adopt new technologies and processes that maintain marketing stronghold.

Project Reference:

  • Customization Human Resource & Payroll System (HRMS)
  • Hotel/Office Card access system
  • Customization on process handling system for Engineering & Manufacturing industry.

Company We Served

  • Process World
  • Ansell
  • HP
  • Bosch
  • AMS
  • Trimulia

Company we served

Project 2019


With implementation, the Production Line Machine is able to increase efficiency. This is due to workers is no need to check machine status one by one but can directly check the machine status such as In process, Available, or Error through the machine board status. Thus, the worker is no need to waste time to check each of the machine statuses one by one. This will save much time and the essential part is can increase efficiency.


With the 5G technologies, there is a must to utilize technology in order to improve business and production flow. Most of the time we will use the IOT to increase the efficiency of the day to day operations, reduce the resources and cost.

With the integration of the machine’s sensor with the cloud server, we are able to populate the live date to your smartphone app. The common functions that are usually to implement in the production/manufacturing process is shown below:

  • Machine downtime notification
  • Warning / Error condition
  • Live charting
  • Report triggering
  • Remote control (switch on / switch off)
  • SMS triggering

Company we served

Company we served