Software Research Team

Project Title Date Case Study
Employee KPI System
Implementing the concept of gaming into a company to reward their employee base on their performance. The employee will earn the credit and experience from the project and the credit can be use for useful material redemption.

2021 --
Insurance Agency System
An agency system to keep track of the transaction of documents and payment with more than 50+ insurance companies. System database and the architecture design is the key to define the success of the system. The system takes 3 months to develop and 3 months to fix up to make it perfect by 6 manpower.

2021 --
Google Spreadsheet API
The project that retrieve the data every 5 minutes from Google drive's spreadsheet and store into database. The data will then massage and clustering into the relavant data sheet.

2021 --
Woocommerce Sync with

The synchronization module transfers the product, inventory and order between WooCommerce and Marketplace (Lazada and Shopee). Using the Woocommerce Sync with Marketplace can save many times and effort because this technology can push the ecommerce website product to multiple platforms such as lazada and shopee. The product that is sold by other platforms can be managed by a website. With this, sellers can better control their inventory.

2021 --
Ecommerce Data Scraping
We are scraping the data from lazada, shopee using the Python programming. The data scraping operate 24 hours store the data into the database for analysing, the data will convert into the useful information for management decision.

Employee Intranet
An intranet is a network that is usually used for communication, sharing information, collaboration tools, and other computing services within an organization employee, without access by outsiders. With the Intranet can help employees to locate and view information faster and use applications relevant to their roles and responsibilities. Intranet to be used by 1000+ employees, the access control level into the country level, division level, company level, department level, group level.

Quality Control XBAR Chart
Plot the chart for the quality control indicator for semiconductor industry, the data input from the user smartphone, QR scan and API integration. The system will trigger the stakeholders should there is any error / defeat warning to the chart. The data is store in the cloud server for future retrieving purpose.

2021 --
Pager Device to Android
24 months research and development to convert the pager system into an android, the difficulties to this project is to understand the pager coding andinterpretation work is needed. The conversion between the utf8mb4, ascii2hex, dechex, chr. The data store in matrix X and Y column and we need to make the data push into the pager in milliseconds.

2021 --
Centralize Wordpress System
In traditional way, distributor salesmen have to door to door service their agent by providing the latest product catalog to the agent which is time consuming and not effective. Through the Centralize Wordpress System, factories / distributors easily publish / unpublished products and push to the agent's website with few clicks. From there, it has reduced redundant work and agents simultaneously receive the latest product info through the website.

2020 --
Influencer Content Marketing System System
Social media content to earn money. Using the ajax technologies a lot in this system to make the system look lively and interactive, the project interface design, programming logic and quality checking complete in 2 weeks by 4 programmers.
2020 --
Smart Ordering + Agent commission Application
The system is compatible for web and android. Critical functions in the system such as tiers commission calculation, bonus calculation, individual commission, group commission, overriding commission, special shipping rate calculation. This system serves the more than 10 depth reports and charts for sales performance analysis.
Media Content Platform
Using python programming to crawl the content from multiple platforms and put into the centralized system 24 hours a day. Managing the dedicated server and security..

2020 --
Cloud CMS
Design the cloud content management system that is able to support the information and ecommerce types website. The structure is able to handle the ready-made template and customization design template. The security is well controlled, the high level programmer will deal with the database and the core library, the middle level programmer will access the module and function development, the web designer will access only the design file. Database security and SQL injection has been implemented into the script and there are more than 150 database tables in this system.

2019 --
Property Management System
Bootstrap, javascript, PHP and MySQL to develop the system, the system has been developed and started using since 2008. Database structure must be well designed to ensure it can handle huge data. System use by 5 property agencies and more than 150 agents.

2019 --
Online Billing System
This system is particular in database design and security control, more than 100 database tables in the system, the system stores in cloud and develop in PHP and MySQL.

2016 --
Project Management System
The project management system acts as a middle software that allows the customers to submit the information to the company, and the company’s will base on the information received to start their work and the progress of the project is able to track in the system.

2018 --
The freelancer portal for the designer and programmer to hunt for the project, and this project develop in open source system and we do a little customization for the API integration with the auto mailing system.

2014 --
WooCommerce APP
With the Woocommerce app, can convert the interface of the ecommerce websites to phone app view easily and more user friendly for the customer when using the ecommerce websites through the smartphone.WooCommerce APP is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. With this system, it is easy to convert the Woocommerce app into android and iOS and make it published to the play store and app store.

2014 --
Jobfisher is the job app for blue collar people to search jobs in the city, this app is helpful for traveller, foreigners to search for the nearest job within 10KM. The app develop in native Android and iOS, the process of the development take 3 months to complete the user interface design, database design, and functionality

2012 --
Classified Platform
Classified portal for property and vehicle listing. The user has a one-click button to do the quick post. The data will automatically retrieve from the marketplace such as Lazada, Shopp, Lelong. The data crawling mechanism has been introduced in the system to fill up the content in the portal.

2012 --
SMS, Email, Whatsapp Blasting System
Experience in using moosend, elasticmail, sendinblue, mailchimp, AWS EC2 integration. A lot of R&D has been done in the short code and long code sms, as well as the Whatsapp blasting system.


Project Title Date Case Study
Telegram Messaging
Developing the Telelegram blasting system for marketer to do the message broadcast.

2021 --
Line Messaging
Developing the Line blasting system for marketer to do the message broadcast.

2021 --
Property Agency Listing System 3.0
Developing a very dynamic property listing system to help the property agent store the listing and securely. The field, input, layout and dashboard everything is custimzable to fit their organization need.

2021 --
Maid / Cleaner APP
The APP for cleaner ordering developed in React JS & MySQL Database. The output of the APP in iOS and Android.

2021 --
Cloud Job Portal
The glassdoor / seek like portal for employment and hiring.

2021 --

Project Title Date Case Study
Blockchain Livechat
The livechat system using the blockchain technology to secure the message.

2021 --
Facebook Live Streaming Order Ststem
Develop the system to integrate with the facebook for live streaming ordering purpose.

2021 --
Crypto Robot
Develop the system for crypto robot trading.

2021 --
Event Management CRM
Develop the system to manage the event, campaign, billing including the whatsapp and email blasting mechanism.

2021 --
Logistic Handling CRM
Develop the logistic management system to handle the order parsing, inventory, return, and reporting.

2021 --
Cloud-based Accounting System
Develop the cloud base billing and acocunting system.

2021 --
Restaurant Mobile's POS System
Develop the mobile POS system for restaurant.

2021 --
Crypto Transaction Exchange
Develop the BTC and USDT payment acceptance gateway.

2021 --

Software Demonstration

Maple Software Creation was very proud to show you a couple system that has been developed by our team. In order to use our system demo, you need contact the authorities to get the username and password to gain the access of our system demo.

!!! Please send us Whatsapp to ask for demo credentials at +6011 - 5939 9319 !!!

Logistic and Warehouse System

System that is use to track shipment from China to Malaysia's warehouse.

Project Management System

The system for a web design company to manage the project schedule.

Property Management System

For agency to manage their property listing (sub-sale / project listing).

Supplier, Distributor & Agent App

Commission will be calculated automatically when order has been place through the app.

WooCommerce Sync System

Manage WooCommerce that have different owner.

Kol Sharing Platform

Membership system that help KOL improve their visibility to the public.

Multi-Vendor WooCommerce Store

Open multiple WooCommerce store like Lazada and Shopee.