WooCommerce Integration

E-Commerce Marketplace API Integration

Integrate your WooCommerce online store with others e-commerce marketplace to reach more targeted audiences. What you need to do is just upload products once, all of your inventory listings will be allowed to integrate automatically to your others e-commerce marketplace.

What is Integration WooCommerce?

What is E-Commerce Marketplace Integration?

E-Commerce marketplace integration enable the existing inventory lists on your online store of your website automatically sync to others e-commerce marketplace like Shopee.

This integration of marketplace allow you to have different online store on different e-commerce marketplace, in order to publish your inventories just with one click on each of the platform.

Why need E-Commerce Marketplace Integration?

For those who wanna reach their products to more targeted audiences and have several online store in different e-commerce marketplace, they will need to publish their products into the e-commerce platform one by one. Just imagine how if there are 1000 types of products? This action surely will increase their workload and the efficiency will also be decreased.

But with WooCommerce integration, it allow the inventory lists to sync to the others e-commerce platform. Hence the users just need to publish their product in WooCommerce online store once. This make the users to save their time and efficiency also will be increased. Integration WooCommerce many help in business, that's why the users need integration for WooCommerce.

Why need WooCommerce Integration?

Features of Integration WooCommerce

Features of Integration WooCommerce

WooCommerce Integration make sure that the users can easily integrate WooCommerce store with the other e-commerce platform so that can be connected to more categories of targeted audiences. The synchronization of the details of products, orders or refunds also can be easily to make via WooCommerce Integration. Belows show some of the features of WooCommerce Integration:

Shipment Automation :
  • WooCommerce integration allow the users to integrate the WooCommerce store with Shipstation, Ship workShipwork, Stamps.com Linnworks, Xtento and Shiprush so that their shipement process will be automated.

Synchronization Automation :
  • WooCommerce integration allow the auto synchronization of your order, inventory, return and refund, product listing and prcing at a regular interval between your store with the other e-commerce platform.

Email Notification :
  • Allow the users to receive the notification via email about the important information, such as order creation, low inventory and product disapproval.

Advantages of E-Commerce Marketplace Integration

Reach more targeted audiences :
  • Integration with marketplace allow more targeted audiences be attracted by your products as most of them will not choose to buy from small websites due to lack of trust.

Save time and money :
  • You may waste a lot of money and time if operates your products through various e-commerce marketplace. But with e-commerce marketplace integration, time and money can be save as all of your products will automatically sync to the other e-commerce marketplace from your websites.

Ease International sale :
  • E-commerce marketplace integration allow you to navigte into the international markets and this will increase your cross-border sales. This enable you reach out to more customers worldwide but not just the customers in your country only.

Advantage of ecommerce marketplace integration

how will e-commerce marketplace help you

How will e-commerce marketplace help you?

Manage your inventory :
  • This e-commerce marketplace inventory allow your inventory management become smooth and high efficiency as it will synchronize your inventory and real time updates of your inventory will also operate.

Manage your order :
  • One of the element for a successful company is have a smooth order management so that the customer will not be serve delay. E-commerce marketplace integration have help you to solve this problem by having a centralized dashboard so that the order acknowledgement and cancellation will be managed smoothly.

Bulk Upload :
  • E-commerce marketplace integration will save your several hours of upload products manually as it will enable you to upload hundreds of new products or update the existing products just with a few clicks.


WooCommerce Integration have bring a lot if convenience. You can have how many online store as you want with different e-commerce platform. Here's some example of the e-commerce platform that WooCommerce online store can integrate with:

  • Lazada
  • Zalora
  • Shopee
  • Qoo10
  • Lelong.my