WordPress + WooCommerce

An eCommerce platform with extensible and open-source. Create and build your own online store, only with a few clicks on your WordPress websites.

Overview of WooCommerce

Overview of WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a free WordPress plug-in, which enable your WordPress website have an eCommerce functionality so that you can have an online store. WooCommerce provides basic store functionality right out of the box, with a free plugin available from the Plugin Repository, or right from your WordPress dashboard.

There is no any cost needed for WooCommerce, make the WordPress sites have a fully-customizable eCommerce tool. It is designed so that the requirements of the owners of store can be meet, hence thy can get a store up and running.

WooCommerce Payments

Credit cards and Debit cards accepted securely

  • Allow the customers to pay directly so that the conversion rates will increase
All the transactions will be managed from the dashboard of your store
  • Allow the transactions, deposits, refunds and disputes can be managed from the comfort of your store by using dashboard.
Pay as you go pricing model
  • There is no any setup or monthly fee in WooCommerce. What need to pay is only according to the activity on the account, which means that for each transaction for US issued credit or debit card, you need to pay 2.9% and 30ยข. While for the transaction that paid by a credit or debit card issued outside US, you need to pay 1% of the transactions to WooCommerce. The another fee need to pay is $15 per dispute. But if you have win the dispute, this fee will be refunded

WooCommerce Payments
Features of WooCommerce

Features of WooCommerce

  • Allow for addition or management of products
  • Shipping destinations can be flexible
  • Optimization of the search engine
  • Have a cart calculator to calculate the total price
  • Enable the default currency set
  • Can manage the reviews of products
  • Support for Geo-location
  • Consists of dashboard so that the transactions can be managed easily
  • Consists of CRM Management

Why need WooCommerce?


  • WooCommerce is free and convenience to setup and install. You will own an online store just with a few clicks. This is a good news for the beginners to start a business.
  • WooCommerce and POS is always updated regularly so that any of the security issues may not be worried. You will have the best experience by using WooCommerce as it will always be compatible with the newest versions of WordPress.
Easy Analytics
  • WooCommerce make the analytics like sales by date, statistics of customers or transactions super simple. You will never put in any extra effort as WooCommerce will do it for you and the analytics will present to you very clearly.
  • WooCommerce provides a lot of flexibility. Any types of products even is virtual and physical products or downloadable products, all of these can sell through WooCommerce. Hence WooCommerce is really suitable for any kinds of business. In addition, WooCommerce also able to accept different kinds of payments, such as credit or debit card, paypal and etc..

Why need WooCommerce?
Technical WooCommerce

Technical details of WooCommerce

Supported Devices

  • iPhone or iPad
  • Web-based
Supported Language
  • English
Pricing Model
  • Quote-based
Targeted Customers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

Five Steps to Setup WooCommerce

Choose Hosting Install WordPress Pick a Theme

  • Select a theme available so that your website will look well.
Activate WooCommerce
  • Create an account on WooCommerce.com
  • Download WooCommerce plugin
  • Search for the WooCommerce within your website
Extends WooCommerce
  • Can add more the functionality needed by subscript the available extensions

Steps using WooCommerce